This one thing you lack…

As I’ve been preparing for my rummage sale, and especially now as my house has been getting emptier and emptier, I’ve found myself often thinking about the story of the rich young rule found in Luke 18.

If you don’t know the story, basically a pretty spiritually aware young man approaches Jesus and asks him what he needs to do to be saved.  Jesus tells him, “Dude [in the original Greek], you already know:  just keep the commandments.  You know them already.”  The young man responds, “Well, yeah, I’ve kept them since I was  a little kid…”  So Jesus looks at him and says (verse 21), “One thing you still lack; sell all that you possess and distribute it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”  The young man, the story continues, left very sad because he was extremely rich.

How sad.  Jesus offers him a chance to get treasure in heaven, and all he has to do is let go of the treasure that’s rotting, rusting, molding, dying, and getting used up day by day.  He could have had treasure in heaven, treasure that could never be stolen or used up or waste away.  But he turned it down.

In many ways, as I’ve been selling my possessions, I’ve felt like that young man.  Some things have been difficult to sell (my music instruments, my tools, my board games), some things easy (my collection of old binders, my old pillows), some things I’ve gotten way more for than what I paid ($40 for a TV I got for free), other things I sold for next to nothing ($2 for a game that cost me $40, $20 for a $120 blender…).  I feel like the young man, but I’m not at all sad as I watch my possessions go.  I’ve been really happy, actually.

I made $800 in one day, but I wonder how many thousands of dollars I had originally spent on those things.

Shoot, thinking about all that really makes me want to watch what I invest in.  Better to get treasure in heaven than anything you can purchase here.  Even the best stuff will just end up wearing out over time.


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