I am definitely sick of selling things

No, that video really does have nothing to do with today’s post except for the homophone for “sale” in the chorus.

I’m not a salesman.  Not one bit.  I did pretty good this weekend with my garage sale, but I’m so done with selling things.  (Until next weekend, of course.)  It’s a lot of work to sit there on your butt and give people suggestions for what to pay only to feel lame when they look at you like, “You’re seriously gonna charge me that much?  C’mon.  Really?”  And then they walk away with a $10 waterproof, tear-resistant topographic map for a buck.

The worst part of all, though, is that I started to feel okay about selling those maps for a dollar.  I just plain wanted to get rid of them.  (I’m still kind of upset about that, but mostly I’m just tired.  I’m sure tomorrow, I’ll again feel elated that I’m getting rid of all this stuff that moth and rust will destroy, Matthew 6:19.)

So, anyhow, Jeff and I spent the day in the garage selling things, talking with people, and playing chess.  🙂  (Thankfully, the chess set didn’t sell until after Jeff went home.)  Jeff got involved with Campus Life and REALife about 3 years ago.  At that time, he called himself an atheist and would often argue with my pastor’s son, a friend of his at the high school.  Well, he’s graduated now, done with his second year of college, and a follower of Jesus.  God has a way of changing things.  🙂

I’m gonna miss Jeff.  He’s been such a great friend over the years.  He’s given a ton to help other kids go on trips.  He’s gone to Chicago and Kansas City with us.  He’s been a group leader at CL.  Yeah, I’m definitely gonna miss him.

But the sale’s over for this week, and I’m definitely tired.  You wouldn’t think it’d be so exhausting sitting on  your butt in a garage all day, but it is.  I’m ready for a nap!  I sold my car (answer to prayer!), about 2/3 of my stuff (another answer to prayer), got to witness to two people extensively (another answer to prayer), and made some decent money ($2,014.33 so far) (still another answer to prayer).

So it was altogether a rather good sale.  (But I definitely need a break from selling stuff!)

As a final note, check out my stack of money.  It’s 2 and a half inches high!  🙂  Makes me feel rich, that’s for sure.


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