My Bible-reading plan

The last few months, I’ve been working through the book Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge.  It’s an awesome book, and I highly recommend it.  But don’t rush through it; take your time with it and let the wisdom soak into you and guide you.  It’s full of insights on how to connect with God and develop a strong devotional life where your time with God is really sustaining and meaningful.  I can’t speak highly enough about it, so go and grab a copy of it.  You’ll be glad you did.

So anyhow, in chapter 20 (“The Secret of Simultaneous Reading”), Bob Sorge mentions his Bible-reading plan.  He divides it up into four sections:  Genesis to Malachi, Psalms to Ecclesiastes, Matthew to John, and Acts to Revelation.  Each day, he reads enough in each section so that he’ll get through the entire Old Testament once per year and the entire New Testament two times per year.

I can easily get lost in spending an hour on just a few verses, so the idea of consistently reading through the whole Bible each year definitely grabbed my attention.

But what really got hold of  my heart was the idea of reading some stuff from all throughout the Bible concurrently.  Here’s why:  when you do this, you find a crazy number of connections all over the place.  The number of connections seriously amazes me every time.

For example, my first time doing this I read the first couple chapters of Genesis, where mankind is created perfect and then screws things up majorly by disregarding God’s command; in punishment, God kicks mankind out of the Garden of Eden, and the tight relationship is broken.  Then I hopped over to the Psalms, where I read about the blessings of those who obey God’s words rather than being like the wicked (Psalm 1) and about the vanity of those who rage against God, who has already set his Messiah in place as ruler (Psalm 2).  And then I headed over to Matthew and read about the millenniums-in-waiting answer to the problem begun in Genesis and exacerbated by continued generations.  And then I topped things off by reading in Acts about the fulfillment of God’s plan to restore the world coming not in a political force but instead in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  It’s like everything fit together perfectly!

Today, then, I ready about the total corruption of humankind in the generation of Noah.  Then I read Psalm 5, a cry for God’s leading in the midst of wicked men, a prayer similar to what I suppose Noah would have prayed.  Next, I read in Matthew how John the Baptist came to prepare the way for the Lord by preaching repentance from the corruption.  Finally, in Acts I read Peter’s sermon calling the people to repent and be saved from “this perverse generation,” and how so many were radically transformed.  Again, ti’s like everything fit together perfectly.

I’ve been very much enjoying this Bible-reading plan, and I hope to stick with it.  I miss some days, so I may not end up getting as far as I’d like, but I’ve definitely been getting a lot out of this method.

On another note, I had the rummage sale again today.  Sales have dropped significantly, with only about $40 in sales today.  At least it’s something, though.

Please be praying for my van to sell, but it has to sell after June 9.

Tonight at REALife, I definitely sensed some presence of the Holy Spirit to convict the kids of the centrality that repentance plays in our lives, and of how without Jesus we’re doomed.  I know that unless my kids see they rightfully deserve hell, then Jesus is just another fun thing to do.  So please pray!


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