Why I missed the last few days

I’ve been trying to post something every day, but the last few days have been just crazy.  In a good way.

For starters, this has been a full week subbing.  Counting when I head in today, it’ll be all five days.  With preparing for Romania and then my normal ministry responsibilities and wanting to spend time with God, it became difficult to get on here.

Things have been good with subbing, though.  I had a number of chances to talk to some of the staff about how I’ll be heading to Romania to work in missions.  The conversations I had were all very encouraging.  One of my biggest prayers, though, is that God would give me grace to use these conversations to spread the gospel.  I want to do more than just inform; I want to share in a way that would bring conviction of sin and selfishness.

The other thing that’s been keeping me from my blog is James.  He’s my new roommate, whom I met on Monday, and we call him Arkansas.  Why?  Because he’s from Arkansas.

James was living for Jesus, then spent the last few years running from him.  A couple of months ago, he decided he’d had enough and made a choice to turn back to God.  Knowing he needed to do something radical to make this new start on life, he drove 800 miles.  And so now he’s in Spring Green sleeping in the spare room.

James is great.  He and Seth are the same age, and the two connect really well.  The last few days, I’ve been busy getting to know him and helping him find a job and an apartment for when I leave.  Late night conversations have been great, getting to share with James all about prophecy, walking in freedom, making an impact… but it’s also left me without much time to get online.

Pray for James and Seth.  Both are just starting to get serious about the call of God on their lives, and I see really good things in the future for them.  But they do need to pursue him.  And they need some practical things like jobs and apartments.

And I’ll end there for today.


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