When I get overwhelmed… I escape

Everybody responds differently when they feel overwhelmed.  Some people grit their teeth and just keep plugging away, doing what they’ve always done and beating the hare like the tortoise.  Others freak out and do something crazy, sometimes even ending up with awesome results.  Others are like me.  They flee.

When I get overwhelmed, I need to get away.  I need to take a breather, get away with God, find his perspective on things, and then come back full of the faith and confidence that he will do what he promised.

So this week, I took a couple days to relax, hang out with some of the guys, and seek God in the woods.

We went to the McCormick State Wilderness Tract near the dinky little town of Champion, MI.  I’d like to give you a full trip report, but then I’d spoil this awesome bit of lonely wilderness.  You see, what’s best about the McCormick Tract is that hardly anybody knows about it and even fewer ever go there, and those who do go there usually don’t get to the beautiful parts of the wilderness.

We hiked an easy, 3-mile trail through nasty mosquitoes to get to White Deer Lake.  Most people stay there.  It’s decent enough.  There are old ruins to explore but they get boring after a few hours.  It’s comfy and flat there, though, with lots of grass.  (And *LOTS* of dragon flies.)  There’s a nasty lake full of dead trees and leeches but with a sweet island in the middle and a few decent fish, too.  It’s okay, and most people stay there a night or two then head right back out to tell their friends it was cool but not worth visiting again.

But if you’re willing to venture off-trail, then you get some fun.  We took our packs through the woods and slogged another two-miles as the crow flies (so probably more like 3 to 4 as the wandering hiker trudges) to Lake Margaret.  We wandered through marshes, a river, across a broken and swaying bridge, around and over and through untold hills and trees… all to end up on a rock peninsula jutting out into a beautiful lake accessible by neither boat nor trail nor road.  Not to mention Lake Margaret is deep here at the peninsula and, though there are some leeches, the water is good and cold and deeper.  It’s not a perfect lake, but it does have solitude and adventure.

So we stayed there for a few nights enjoying one another’s company and spending time with God.  I planned to read through all the gospels but didn’t make it that far.  I did, however, get quite refreshed.

When I came back, reality hit me hard, but I have full confidence in the ability of my God to help me get ready for Romania.  He has always made everything work out with every other adventure I’ve ever gone on.  Why should I expect anything different this time around?

Enjoy the following pictures!

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