Guitars and Cheese

I learned a valuable lesson today:  being a talented Tetris player is usually a very valuable asset when packing, however, if you’re flying with a guitar and cheddar cheese, you may want to put that skill on hold.

For my flight to Bucharest, I had two extra check bags plus a guitar, and when I called Aer Lingus, they told me it would cost me $240 extra for all the extra bags. So, I figured, “Hey, I can probably pack some of that into my guitar case and spread the rest among the other bags, cutting down on one extra bag.” And thus my guitar found itself packed with cheese, good old Wisconsin cheddar cheese.

Probably not the best for the guitar, but it was saving me $60.  Besides, what could ever go wrong with this brilliant idea?

Then, when I got to the check-in area, they told me I could check the guitar in right at the gate rather than have it go through the whole conveyor belt thingy. And, best of all, the girl said she wouldn’t even charge me for it as another bag. (Not sure why, but I wasn’t gonna ask questions.)

So, I obviously chose that route, getting myself a nice $60 discount and the added ease of mind of bringing my guitar to the gate myself.

It also got me a free pat-down by an old guy at security. And it got me two grumpy TSA agents who noticed the lumpy things in the guitar and the wiring for the pick-up. I guess it looked like a bomb. And apparently when I was cleaning the house before I left, I got enough of the chemicals on my hands and then onto the guitar that it triggered their chemical-sniffing devices.

Altogether, I lost about 45 minutes and my dignity, but I got to keep my cheese, my guitar went through security safely, I saved $120, and all is fine now. But I probably won’t be stuffing cheese in my guitar the next time I travel by airplane.


2 responses to “Guitars and Cheese

  1. There’s actually a guitar policy with airlines now.

    For your edification; 😉

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