My Current Goals

I have lots of goals.  They range from the difficult-to-define (a heart more in love with Jesus, full confidence in Him, fulfillment and satisfaction in all that he is and gives, a deep appreciation for the Word of God…) to the very specific (a church planted in Bucuresti, regular evangelism in the streets and marketplaces, ongoing ministry in the Țigani (Gypsy) neighborhoods…).

Here are my three biggest goals/prayers for the time being:

1.  I want to be able to communicate in Romanian.  Right now, I can say a few phrases, but my Romanian is definitely very limited.  I am attempting to do two hours of language study each day, mixing things up with practice out in the streets.  Learning the language seems critical to being able to reach Romanians in a lasting way, but I would also be up for God bringing me someone who wants to come translate for me.  (P.S.  The picture to the left is a random one I found on google, but I swear 90% of Romanian young men sport the fohawk.)

2.  I want to have open doors for sharing the gospel.  Although most in Bucuresti have heard of Jesus, it’s estimated that only 0.1% are born-again, following Jesus.  I know there are believers out there speaking to friends, inviting co-workers to Bible studies, etc. but there’s still a vast need for getting the gospel out there to the people who need it most and would never go to church.  Right now, I’m working to get my personal testimony made into a tract.  In the meanwhile, though, I ask God often for opportunities to share about him throughout the day.

3.  I want to be teaching believers to love Jesus more fully and obediently.  Whether it’s encouraging the college students of Missio Dei, building up Jake and Jessie or their kids, challenging those reading my blog and getting my prayer letters, or teaching someone else altogether, I definitely want to use my time to strengthen the church in the world.  I’m really not that interested in fellowship or simply hanging out (although it is good and does a ton for building up the body of Christ), but I definitely love teaching about Jesus.

4.  I want to develop a strong friendship with at least one Romanian of like mind.  I feel like getting into the culture will mean I need to find a Romanian citizen, someone living in Bucuresti, who really wants to go to the darker areas, is up for street-preaching and passing out tracts, and wants to know the power of God.  So far, I have met many believers who love Jesus, but none with whom I can say I really share a like mind.  Now, of course, I haven’t even been here a full week, and I have only met a handful of Romanian Christians so far and mainly just from one church.  Add to this the fact that I haven’t even really gone out witnessing, and it makes total sense that I haven’t found someone of like mind just yet.

5.  I want an open door for ministry among the Gypsies.  Almost a year ago, God gave me a promise that if I give myself, my possessions, my heart to the poor of the earth then he would never cease to supply for me.  Add to this promise God’s obvious heart towards bringing Justice to the masses, and it’s easy to see why I would want to ministry among the Tigani.  Our quick visit the other day cemented in my heart a desire to begin something regular among the Gypsies, but I don’t yet know what I will do or with whom I will work.

Those are five of my current prayer requests and goals.  As you think about me, pray for God to guide me into each of them, giving me the diligence to work towards them, the relationships necessary, and the wisdom I’ll need.

One response to “My Current Goals

  1. Thanks for posting this Ben, it helps on the specifics. Praying “God, help Ben amongst the Romanians” got old and trite.

    Take care

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