Evangelism day… at least we were faithful

So Jake and I headed out today to do some evangelism.  It was probably the most awkward time of evangelism I’ve ever had.  The language barrier was a real… well, barrier.

But we spoke to a number of people, gave out 6 tracks (or 6,000 thanks to the European method of using a “,” instead of a “.”), and learned stuff.

What did we learn?

Well, we learned we need to learn the language better or have a Romanian-speaker go with us next time.

We learned that for the time being, our best method will probably be handing out lots and lots of tracts.

We learned that it’s not the end of the world when you look, sound, and act pretty retarded.  🙂

So, we went out, we were faithful, we obeyed, and we even managed to sow a few seeds, seeds which will always accomplish something.


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