Getting visas

Please be praying for Jake, his family, and for myself as we begin the process of applying for visas.  We need to get a number of documents pulled together, find the right application papers, get recognized by an established denomination…. and we need some favor from God as our applications pass through the Bucharest bureaucracy.  We especially need favor as Jake is late at getting things going; they want you to start after 45 days, and he’s been here about 60….  So, yeah, we need some favor.  (But God got my camera back and everyone said it should be gone, so I’m expecting good things.)

Praise God, through a series of “random” connections, we’ve developed a good relationship with a radical, spirit-filled pastor from Sudan, Peter Rong (check out a cool article about him here).  He happens to be pastoring a church of Baptists, many of whom don’t even believe in the gifts of the Spirit, but he’s a man of fire, full of the Holy Spirit, who has been teaching his church to do street evangelism, and who eventually wants to head back to northern Sudan to plant churches.  Anyhow, he really loves Jake and I, and he’s promised to help us get everything figured out with our visa situation.  He’s helped others in the past, and so he’ll be a great source of help.

Here are some specific things to be praying:
(1) We need documentation from our sponsoring churches saying that we work for them and are licensed to do ministry.
(2) We need a recognized ministry (due to our relationship with Pastor Peter, this will most likely be the Baptist union at this point) to endorse us for ministry here in Romania.
(3) We need a notarized copy of the lease with all our names on it.
(4) We need money for paying all the necessary fees.
(5) We need favor with the government of Romania so that our visas would be granted in a timely fashion.  I feel that it would not be right for me to give bribes, so definitely pray for favor.

Thanks for all your prayers!


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