Just got back from Rotbav

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Rotbav, a village of 1,000 people about 120 miles (but 3-5 hours) from Bucuresti.  The village is quite scenic, nestled between green hillsides full of crops and cattle, with gravel streets used just as likely by horse as by car.  Believe me, it felt good to get some iarba verde after having spent the last three weeks surrounded by towering gray monoliths they call apartment buildings.  And you will seriously never have to twist my arm to get me to choose a rooster crowing at the crack of dawn rather than stray dogs barking through the night.  (Rooster > Stray Dogs.  Remember that.)

We stayed right next door to a fortified church built in the year 1300.  How’s that for awesome???  (Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get inside for a tour.  We couldn’t find the guy in the town who had a key until the last day, and by then our bus was coming to pick us up.)  Oh, and the church clock still keeps time.  In fact, it was better than my cell phone, which for some odd reason has been about 10 minutes slow lately.

Anyhow, I’ll give a full write-up tomorrow about what God did through the weekend, but for now, know it was a physically-exhausting but spiritually-refreshing time.

Good night!


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