Evangelism recap

Jake and I headed out with Adi (short for Adrian) for a couple hours of evangelism  this afternoon.  We had a great time, and found many, many young people open to the gospel.  Although only time will tell how much was genuine interest and how much was simply politeness, we were all happy and encouraged when the day ended.

We had a lot of really great conversations, especially with the college students.  Many were very open to talk about their questions about the church, and their disillusionment with religion in general as well as to hear our stories of faith.  It seemed the older generation was almost all dead-set Orthodox but open to talking while the younger generation was largely agnostic or questioning.

Jake ran into about four people deeply interested in the gospel; one young man prayed with him to repent of his sins and another was visibly under conviction but had to leave to catch his bus.  I had a quick chance to share the gospel with a dozen French students here on vacation.  They were extremely interested to hear what we were doing, but their tour guide shut things down just as we were getting into it.  Another time, I prayed with an elderly woman who had bone cancer.  She didn’t feel any different after praying, but that’s never stopped God from healing.  🙂  Besides speaking to individuals, we gave a lot of our tracts to people just walking by today.  I can’t wait for our big shipment to come in so we can hand them out all over.

Pray for the seeds that were planted today, that they would take root and grow into a harvest.  Pray for the young man whom Jake led in a prayer of repentance, that his commitment would be genuine and that he would desire to grow in his walk through discipleship.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  This morning, during our time of prayer, I asked that God would give us confirmation that he was with us and that we were on the right track, specifically with someone getting saved.  It looks like he answered that one today.  🙂

And with that…  Share the good news, be bold about it, and have a good night!


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