International Evangelism

So, my day started off with Jake asking, “Hey, Ben, wanna go meet a self-proclaimed prophet who says he was sent to bring revival to Bucharest?”

Of course, with an introduction like that, I had to say “yes.”

So we headed to McDonald’s (the restaurant where all the missionaries hang out here in Bucharest) to meet up with Jason and this self-proclaimed prophet guy.  Jason, since I probably haven’t introduced him to you yet, has been here for about 6 years and has spent most of that time pouring his heart out to the gypsies.  He’s got some end-times theology I disagree with, and he can be abrasive, but he’s got a heart for God, loves the church, and is working for revival here.

Anyhow, the “self proclaimed prophet” “sent to bring revival” ended up being a pretty normal 18-year-old who got touched in a revival going on in northern London.  Jacob has been working with a church in Bucharest that reaches out to Ferentari, the poorest and most dangerous of the neighborhoods here.  It was cool to meet him and just hear what God has been doing in London.

But we had our most fun when we decided to head out to the streets with the gospel.  After a powerful time in prayer, we figured what better way to spend our time is there than to help people to encounter the God who loves them enough to send his son to die for them.

We had Jake and myself (from USA), Jason (from Canada), Jacob (from England), and Samuel (from Romania) all out in the park.  I loved just seeing all of us from different countries there with one heart:  to bring revival to Bucharest.

We spoke with a number of people this afternoon, and some were very open.  One young man (Bogdan) expressed conviction of sin for chasing after women.  Edward was definitely interested when I shared how my life was changed but only after I first realized I was on the way to hell.  One elderly woman said her sore feet felt better (not perfect but about 50%) after we prayed with her.

Although we didn’t see any conversions today, we met many people hungry for God and desperate for a touch from him, plus I met a couple of guys doing some great work in Ferentari, an area Jake and I have sensed God leading us into for some time now.

Please pray for…. (1) the seeds that were planted to lead to radical conversions, (2) Jacob and Samuel to be led by God to do all that he wants them to do, and (3) a greater presence of the Holy Spirit during our times of evangelism (words of knowledge, prophetic words, healings, etc.).  Thanks!!!


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