Planting a church

Jake and Jessie’s first few months (and my first month) have been spent largely in getting to know how to simply do life here in Bucureşti, but we’ve also been checking out what’s going on spiritually, who’s doing what in the churches, how to do evangelism….  We’ve been meeting a ton of great people, and it’s been cool to see how God is working in their lives and even to come alongside and partner with Him in some occasions.

I love all the people we’ve come to know, and I really appreciate the ministries that are serving here in Bucureşti.  Missio Dei has a crazy awesome gift for fellowship and building a community of believers who really love each other and grow with one another.  They’re solid in the Bible, hungry for Jesus, and spreading the message of the gospel to all their friends.  Spiritual Revival is hardcore about seeking and believing God for revival, and their pastor (Peter) believes passionately in the necessity of the power of the Holy Spirit and the crucial place that prayer and fasting must play in the Christian’s life.  The church as a whole is new to the things of the Holy Spirit, but they’re hungry and they’re all determined that the Bible is our ultimate basis for what the Christian life should look like.  Plus, they really do believe God for revival in individuals and in the city.

But, although we love the people in both of these churches (and others), we’ve never felt at home at either place.  In fact, in the last few days, God has been reminding us of our ultimate call and goal for our time in Romania:  to plant a church in Bucureşti.

I see a real need here for a church that is passionate about community and fellowship (simply having fun together) while also being desperate for revival.  I see a need here for a church that enjoys the freedom in God (going to a movie, having a beer, wearing shorts to church) while also being dedicated to holiness and purity.  I see a need here for a church that simply enjoys life and each other but that also walks in authority to heal the sick, cast out demons, and move in power.  I see a need here for a church that is dedicated to the revelation given to us in the Bible but that also believes God to speak and move through us by his Holy Spirit.

So, pray for us to have wisdom.  We want to keep good relationships with the churches we’ve come to know and love, but God is definitely leading us to start something separate.


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