I used to think tracts were a cop out

I know a couple guys who became Christians after reading a gospel tract.  One of them woke up after a hangover, opened his eyes, and saw a tract in a gutter; it changed his life forever.  Another friend of mine was handed a tract that said, “Hey, why do you keep blowin’ me off?” and showed a picture of a finger pointing out of heaven.  He was handed the tract but put it on his desk where he promptly tried to ignore it.  But every morning, he saw it there, and it was like God was asking him, “Why are you blowing me off?”  Eventually, he surrendered.  Now, all because of a tract, he’s a pastor.  I know of ministries that major on tracts, passing out thousands and thousands every year and seeing people come to Jesus.  Every Home for Christ has reached hundreds of thousands this way.  Gospel For Asia, too.

But I had always looked at it as kind of a cop out.  Like, if you weren’t brave enough or radical enough to actually talk to someone, you’d sheepishly give him a tract instead.

But the reality is that passing out tracts is distributing the gospel in written form, and it’s a super inexpensive way to just get the word out there in a short time to a lot of people.

Today, we headed to Universitate and Unirii, where we handed out between 800 and 1000 copies of our personal testimony tracts.  That’s 800 to 1000 people who received the gospel.  Yes, we found some thrown out later.  Yes, some won’t respond at all.  Sure, a couple of gypsy girls were going around trying to get doubles from all of us… and triples… and quadruples.

But hundreds of people have now had the chance to stand before Jesus unashamed.  That fact alone makes this afternoon a successful one.

As I close, here’s a cool story.  Jake Martin handed one of the tracts to a woman who excitedly asked us, “Which church?”  I then attempted to tell her, in broken Romanian, the name of the church, where we were located, etc.  “Pentecostal?” she asked.  “Da, da,” I responded, figuring a simple “yes” was easier than to explain, “Well, it’s technically Baptist, but the pastor loves the things of the Holy Spirit.”  She was definitely happy, though, when I pointed out my email address on the back of the tract.  So hopefully we’ll see in church.


One response to “I used to think tracts were a cop out

  1. Way cool. Every day since God prompted me to start the blog I pray for everyone who clicks on the salvation page, whether they are cruisin or had a meeting with Christ. I may never know until Christ brings us all together, but like Paul said, he sows the seeds, Apollo waters….

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