Romanian Mosquitoes…. Worse than Vampires

So, now that I’ve spent two months in Romania, I can safely do a post about the differences between Romanian and Wisconsin mosquitoes.

When I first encountered Romanian mosquitoes, I was misled by their small size.  They looked so tiny in comparison to the giant flying behemoths we harbor in Wisconsin, like defenseless little babies.  But cute and cuddly they are not.  They may be small but, believe me, they’re wiry.

You see, Romanian mosquitoes just won’t sit still long enough to get hit.  Wisconsin mosquitoes land on your arm, walk around a bit, check out the sights, and finally start grazing.  They give you plenty of time to react and take out your anger.  But Romanian mosquitoes fly around taking bites here and there and wherever they please.  I swear I’ve gotten mosquito bites even though no mosquito ever landed on me.

In Wisconsin, if a mosquito bites you, you get the satisfaction of killing it, but not so with a Romanian mosquito.  Even if it bites you, it doesn’t stay long enough to get hit.  And even if it stays long enough, it’s still super fast!  So you just sit there and sulk, scratching the new bump on your skin.

Romanian mosquito bites itch like crazy, but the bumps don’t last as long as do the ones from Wisconsin mosquitoes.  In Wisconsin, a bump could itch for a couple days, but it’d be a dull itch for most of the time.  Here, it seems the bites itch like mad for about 10 minutes; sometimes I’ve felt like the area was on fire.  But then it’s gone, and within an hour the bump is completely gone, too.  It’s like all the power of the Wisconsin mosquito boiled down into a smaller, faster package and shipped to Romania.

Although Romanian mosquitoes have got the Wisconsin variety beat on many levels, the Badger State wins in the arena of penetrate-ability.  As long as I cover up with a thin sheet here in Romania, I won’t get bit.  In Wisconsin, you could have a wool sweater, two layers of long underwear, and a snow suit on.  And still the mosquito would manage to bite through it all.

So, here in Romania where my windows lack screens and the nights have been nasty hot, I’m really appreciating the little dinky Romanian mosquitoes.  They’re fast, bite a ton, itch like crazy, but cannot penetrate a bed sheet.  Praise God.  🙂


2 responses to “Romanian Mosquitoes…. Worse than Vampires

  1. You have a totally different experience of Romanian mosquitos than I do (as a fellow Wisconsinite). I am apparently horribly allergic to these tiny creatures. If I get bit on the arm or the leg, I have a massive, several-inch large welt for a week, possibly causing a bruise thereafter. If I get bit on the forehead (it’s happened twice now), their venom drips down somehow and makes the skin around my eyes swell to disturbing proportions (the first time it happened, I went to the doctor at the explicit request of my boss, though I knew there wasn’t anything to be done about it). I blame it on a specific allergy to whatever these Romanian mosquitos are carrying, because I always had normal reactions to mosquitos when living elsewhere. Their small size is very deceptive.

    • Oh my gosh! Your experience gives me a new respect (fear?) for these creatures. Although you’re probably right about it being an allergic reaction, I like to think it’s something Vlad Tepes passed on to the mosquitoes to keep out invaders.

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