An Evening with Gypsies

Bucureşti is strange. On one street, things can look just like Madison or Milwaukee. Then you go over one street, and there’s a Rrom family living in a house that seems to have been dropped in from Haiti.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a wonderful time with a couple Rrom families living just 10 minutes from us.  They’re mostly Christians, love their kids, and have fairly strong families.  We met with them for a couple hours for a short Bible study.  We had a wonderful evening.

Our friend/taxi-driver/evangelist Tiberiu joined us with his whole family.  He’s a gypsy who found Jesus a couple years ago.  He’s been completely transformed.  I won’t go into the details, but his transformation was huge.  Anyhow, he came along and preached, in Romanian and Ţiganescă, and led worship.  Jason preached a bit.  Then Jake and I shared some and did a couple worship songs as well.  (They loved “Yes Lord” when we sang it in Romanian:  Da Doamne!)  Then one of the women in the group grabbed an old hymn book and led everyone in a couple Romanian worship songs that just rocked.  I have no idea what we sang, but it was powerful.

So, we had a fun night, and we hope to enjoy fellowship together again.


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