New Life in Mihai Bravu

I’m having trouble with the internet connection here, so I’ll make this update short.  Despite the colder weather (fall has finally come to Romania, it seems), we had a wonderful meeting last night with the gypsy community at Mihai Bravu.  Because of the cultural differences, we’re often left wondering how much of what we are saying really has an impact.

Well, last night, three people came up for prayer after a straightforward message about how Jesus calls us to walk in holiness.  The first, a woman, realized she had been speaking curses against her husband by her bitter words.  A man recognized he needed to surrender to Jesus and be born-again.  The third, a young man, came up asking for prayer that a spiritual heaviness would lift from him; when we learned he wasn’t a Christian, we told him we’d pray for him but that the only way to have ultimate peace in his spirit is by surrendering to Jesus.

So, it was a good night.  🙂  We all left encouraged after getting to see that we’re making an impact.

Pray for this community to really grab hold of Jesus.  Many of them know about him but do not follow him, and there is so much they don’t know about him.  A few of them read, but most can’t even read a Bible if they did own one.

And that’s all for now.

One response to “New Life in Mihai Bravu

  1. Just a quick update about the two men who asked for prayer. Both were present yesterday night at the meeting. The older gentleman seems to be genuinely growing in God; time will tell whether his conversion is genuine, but it’s looking good. The younger man came telling people that he has felt horribly guilty since last week, where he chose not to surrender to Jesus; last night, he chose to surrender! Praise God!

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