And *I’m* supposed to teach *her*?

That thought went through my mind more than once during our meetings at Vasilica’s house. Although Mircea’s not doing so well with God (pray for him!), Vasilica is just rockin’ it!

Last week, the family was almost out of food, so Vasilica told her children, “You eat the food. The word of God is my food. I will read the Bible.” So she spent the day reading the Word of God, and she wasn’t hungry.

This week, a neighbor who knew the family’s struggles brought over some food.  When Vasilica asked her neighbor how she had gotten the food, the neighbor revealed she had stolen it.  “I will not eat it,” she responded.  “You did evil to get it, so I cannot eat it.  I am a Christian.”  Her husband responded by calling her crazy, hitting her, and throwing out the only Bible the family has (a Gideon’s New Testament).  Then he left to stay with friends.  “I am a Christian, and Jesus will take care of me,” Vasilica said with finality.  “I will not eat that food.”  The next day, we came over with bread, milk, and fruit.

Whenever we meet with Vasilica (which is currently once a week), I am left wondering, “What on earth can I possibly teach this woman who has stood in faith for so long and who continues to love and honor Jesus through all these difficulties?”  I am truly challenged by her loving trust in Jesus, her firm resolution to walk in righteousness, and her tender, broken heart for the people around her.

I hope you’ll get to meet Vasilica some day.  I hope that when you meet her, all of the 8 kids she supports will be serving Jesus rather than addicted to drugs.  I hope that when you meet her, her house will be crowded with her neighbors, all of them by this time former heroine addicts, prostitutes, and thieves.  I hope that when you meet her, she will be lovingly submitting to Mircea’s spiritual leadership, whom I hope will by then be a solid man of God.  But if you meet her as the lone light in the darkness, then I will be no less delighted and you will be no less challenged.

Until then, pray for Vasilica.


2 responses to “And *I’m* supposed to teach *her*?

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