By the Glow of a Toaster

No, this post’s title is not the cheesy name for my new solo album.  And it’s not the title of a bad translation of a new Romanian horror movie, either.  And it’s also not the title for a poem reminiscing the appliance I miss most; no, that poem will be called “Elegy to a Toaster.”

This title refers to our most recent meeting with the Mihai Bravu community.  With the weather getting colder, a nearby family opened up their house to us.  It’s a wonderful little room with a light and (most importantly) heat.  🙂  The heater is basically a toaster oven shoved into a block of cement and then plugged into a wall.  It might sound a little scary (and, believe me, the toddlers playing around the exposed wires running into the wall do bring concern), but it’s effective and cheap.

Anyhow, this last Monday, as we wrapped up the evening, our little light bulb began to flicker and eventually went out.  (No, the bulb was not burned out.  The neighbors simply needed to borrow the electricity for a little while.)  Honestly, it was a cool feeling to share the word by the light of the glowing heater coils.

Not many in our little gathering can read; usually only one or two each night are able.  None of them have college educations.  Only a few have decent jobs.  Most can’t tell you who Paul was, what the Psalms are and who wrote them, or even how to find the New Testament.

I feel so honored to help these people to understand more fully the God they have chosen to serve.

In the light of the red heater coils, I was reminded of Isaiah’s words:  The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them (Isaiah 9:2).

In the midst of darkness, all it takes is a little burning coil.  Oh, Lord, I want to be that burning coil.


One response to “By the Glow of a Toaster

  1. You definitely are, Ben, you definitely are. Keep up the good work.

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