When the Bible has Lost its Flavor

A couple days ago, I realized the Bible had become dry and flavorless to me. I was reading it most mornings, but I read it to get it over with, to do my religious duty. I left the same way I had come, without having encountered the Living Water.

I’m sure you’ve gone through times like that in your walk with God. Sometimes, it’s simply the regular cycle of revelation (God reveals something amazing) and contemplation (we take time to think about it). Other times, it’s due to sin in your life that blocks God’s grace. Other times, God is intentionally drawing you into a desert time in order to draw you deeper, just as he drew his own beloved Son (Mark 1:11-12). Sometimes, the word loses its savor because you’re simply in too much of a hurry or you’re distracted.

I noticed how bored my heart had grown, so I decided to head over to the International House of Prayer website to check out their resources. Mike Bickle has been a source of strength for me whenever he teaches on the character of Jesus and the practicals of following him. When my heart is dull, his challenges and insights have consistently worked to stir my heart back into the right direction. So, check him out! (FYI, I think his views on the end of the world and Revelation are a bit crazy, but make your own decision.)

Anyhow, I checked out the sermon “Gospel of Grace:  Called to Walk in God’s Glory (Rom. 5).”  It’s great, and I highly recommend you check it out.

The message covered a lot more ground, but God used it to speak to my heart about receiving nourishment from the Word.  Here are some very simple, practical solutions for when the Bible has lost its flavor to your heart:

1. Close the door. – If you pray in your bedroom, close the door. If your computer is there, shut it down. If you’ve got a cell phone, turn it off. Remove the things that tend to distract you.

2. Take your time. – Slow down in your reading. Don’t worry about getting through so much in one day. Slow down, and let God speak. The point is not to read a lot but to interact with the Author.

3. Pray through it. – As you read, vocalize the scripture as prayers to God. Don’t just read what it says, but pray it back to him out loud. You will find your spirit strengthened.


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