Sewers of Bucuresti

drugsThe last two weeks, we’ve been learning a lot about some of the more difficult situations in Bucuresti. Although we are continuing to develop relationships with college students and reach out to the universities, God has been putting the drug-addicts, the homeless, the prostitutes, the insane, the poor, the pimps on our hearts. Jesus went to lepers, so it only makes sense that he would lead us to the lepers of Bucuresti.

We learned a lot from Sorin and Ana about the sewer people. In the north of Bucuresti there is an old underground complex that used to heat the entire city. Now, the place is home to families who have lost their homes for one reason or another and have now moved underground. As we spoke with Sorin and Ana, we felt our hearts stirred to bring the gospel to these people. A few have brought them handouts, but who is bringing them Jesus?

As we spoke with Sorin and Ana, we learned this is no light issue, though. Access to the sewers is controlled by bosses, and the people living there are often more interested in handouts than in Jesus. Many are thieves and drug addicts and have already heard the good news. They need more than a simple tract or sandwich can do.

“We want to go there. Can you take us?” I asked at one point.

Sorin and Ana got very quiet as they thought through their answer.

“We must be prepared,” Sorin said.

“I was not prepared,” Ana told us. “The poverty… The darkness… Many did not have clothes, entire families…”

“But I am not afraid. Yes, we will go,” Sorin said boldly. “I am not afraid. They need Jesus.”

Pray for us. We hope to meet next with a professor at the Baptist seminary who spent six months in the sewers so he could learn what the situation is and how best to help. We sense God drawing our hearts here, but we also sense he wants us to take things slowly and to be prepared.

(P.S. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the documentary “Children Underground.” It’s about ten years old, but it gives a good look at some of the type of people who have fled underground in Bucuresti.)

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