I did my thesis on human trafficking

human_trafficking_2Our meeting with Andreea was very different from our meeting with Ryan and Andrea. Andreea is a recent college graduate and has a deeply passionate heart for seeing victims of human trafficking brought the freedom and justice they were made for. She studied law in college (her thesis was all about ending human trafficking) and spent some time working with IJM. She has traveled Romania learning the stories of those trafficked and trying to understand how to end this horrible crime.

Hearing Andreea tell the story of her mother’s friend who became a victim of trafficking put a very personal touch on things. Now, it wasn’t just ideas we were talking about but real people, people who knew someone I was talking with.

According to Andreea, nearly all of the prostitutes and beggars in Bucuresti are victims of slavery. She said the average prostitute fell in love with a guy who got her hooked on drugs, and now she sells her body to support her habit and keep a pimp happy. Even simple beggars, according to Andreea, are often told by a boss where to beg and how much money to bring in. But, of course, reliable statistics are difficult to come by.

“But the prostitutes, the pimps, the traffickers are only the surface,” Andreea told us. “Men see pornography in the billboards, in the newspapers, on the subway… It’s no wonder they go to prostitutes.”

Andreea pointed out a very real issue: to solve the problem of human trafficking and sexual exploitation will require combatting the sensuality so common and accepted in the city.

Pray with us for the sex industry in Bucuresti to come toppling down.  Pray with tears.


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