17 years living in the sewers


On December 1, I came across the story of a man whose life was transformed by Teen Challenge’s ministry in Bucuresti. Emmanuel ran away from home as a seven-year-old boy. On the streets, he made a home in the sewers and quickly became addicted to aurolac and then to heroine. His life was spiraling downward, and he figured it would only continue to get worse.

Seventeen years later, a miracle happened.

He met a girl, she got pregnant, and Emmanuel realized his life needed to change.

So Emmanuel checked himself in to Teen Challenge, a Christian organiziation reaching out to men seeking freedom from addictions. Teen Challenge in Bucuresti is hardcore about discipleship. Through Teen Challenge’s hard work and after “three years of agony”, Emmanuel not only found freedom from drugs but also true hope in Jesus.

Now, six years later, Emmanuel owns his own apartment where he and his wife live with their young son. He works at a five-star hotel where he’s recognized as the “employee of the year.” Best of all, he’s been visiting his old friends, hoping some of them will find the same freedom he has found.

You can read his story and watch a video here. It’s all in Romanian, but the video is well worth watching; it’ll show you just what sort of conditions Emmanuel used to consider his home.  Plus, you can use Google Translate to figure out the basics of what the story is about.  So check it out!

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