“Hey, I got some bad news, guys…”

And that’s when we realized that our plans for having a big Christmas celebration with the gypsy families along Mihai Bravu would probably not go as we had been expecting.

Jason went on to explain what he had heard:  Matei had gotten drunk and stabbed Geta, his wife; now, she was in the hospital and he was in jail.

Matei (the “young man” that I mention here) became a Christian just about two months ago.  He had heard the gospel one Monday night, knew he needed it but didn’t want to surrender, and then spent a week feeling guiltier than ever.  The next week, he was desperate to make things right.  Since then, he’d been faithfully attending the meetings, asking questions, and growing in his faith.  Just last week, he was looking forward to getting baptized.  Of all the men who come on Monday nights, Matei was growing the most in his walk with God.

So to hear that he’d gotten drunk and stabbed his wife was, well, difficult to take in…  And still is.

When we arrived at our meeting place, the women were crying and the men had started to drink their sorrows away.  I cannot pretend to agree with the men’s choice, but neither can I say I don’t understand it.  When your friend and brother nearly kills his wife and and is himself in jail, well, you kind of want to forget everything.

Please be praying for Matei and his family as well as for the community of gypsies to which they belong.

Matei is in jail, but we don’t yet know which one or how long he’ll be there.  Once we learn this, we should be able to visit him (but pray for favor!).  Pray for healing in his heart, true repentance, and that this would end up for the strengthening of his walk with Jesus.

Geta is in intensive care and needs healing.  We know that her condition is serious but, because of the language barrier, we don’t know how serious it is.  We do know that her liver was damaged by the wound.  So pray for healing for her in her body and in her heart.

The kids (Matei, Maca, and Stefan) are currently staying with the other families in the gypsy community.  All are very young, so pray for them.  I know how much Satan wants to sow garbage in their lives through this.  Pray instead for God to be close to them and bring hope, peace, and healing in their hearts.

The community of gypsies has not been handling this very well.  Pray that the urge that drives them to drink would be silenced, and that they would instead cry out to God for his victory in this.  Pray for this event to become a wake-up call for all of them, that it’s time to get serious about their walk with God.  Also pray for them to be a constant strength and source of encouragement to Matei and Geta.

In all things, I am rejoicing because Jesus’ light always outshines the dark.  Pray for this to be a perfect example of how God works all things for the good of those who love him.


2 responses to ““Hey, I got some bad news, guys…”

  1. Here’s a short update. We managed to sneak (I use that word intentionally, as I later discovered that a 70-cent bribe was involved in the whole process) in a visit to the hospital to encourage Geta and pray with her. We learned she had lost 50% of her blood but that her lung was not punctured as they had at first thought. The doctors are expecting her to recover fully in time and, in fact, to be eating normal food in just a few days. Although she still needs prayer for physical healing, make sure to also pray for her spirit. The culture is big on claiming that whenever something goes wrong, it must be God’s judgment on the victim for sin. Pray for Geta to have full confidence in God’s power to forgive, wash clean, and love her.

  2. Another update… We just learned Geta is doing incredibly well and will be sent home in just a few days. Praise God!

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