Please, please, don’t abort the baby

Shows the total abortions to date as a percentage of each country’s current population.

Last night, when we met with Vasilica to encourage her in her walk with God, she told us she had seen a couple visions this last week while praying for us. First, she had seen a picture of Jason and a woman leading a flock of sheep. Next, she had seen a picture of Jake and Jessie, and Jessie was pregnant.

When she shared about Jessie being pregnant, she turned very serious and said in Romanian, “Please, please, don’t abort the baby.”

“Da, sigur,” Jake responded. “Yes, of course.”

Then Vasilica turned to Jason and repeated in faster and more emphatic Romanian: “Tell them not to have an abortion. Tell him.”

“Este pocait,” he said, using the Romanian term for a born-again Christian, a “repented” person, as if that should settle the issue. Why on earth would someone who has repented of his old life ever want to take a life?

Vasilica waved her hand, though, as if to say, “What does that have to do with anything?” and then grabbed Jason’s arms to repeat her urging, “Tell them, please, don’t abort the baby.”

“Yes, we would never have an abortion,” Jake said in broken Romanian. “We want more kids.”

And at that Vasilica finally seemed satisfied.

On the one hand, I am really happy to see Vasilica so insistent that it’s wrong to kill a baby in the womb. What a cool thing to see in someone whom most would consider uneducated and poor. What a breath of fresh air here in a country with one of the highest abortion rates in the world, where for many years more babies were killed than born (see the years 1990-2003), where the abortion ratio (number of abortions divided by the number of live births) is almost double that in the U.S., and where over 7.5 million have been killed in just the last 15 years alone (that’s 1/3 of the current population of Romania!).  I love seeing such heavenly riches and love for life in the heart of this Rroma woman.  (For data, see World Health Organization, Johnston’s Archives (here and here), and The World Bank.)

On the other hand, I am really saddened by the encounter. How unrighteous have Christians been if even a Christian missionary is begged to “please, don’t have an abortion”? Something made Vasilica think that abortion is a real choice for even a missionary. Something taught her that saying you’ve repented or you go to church or you’re a Christian or you’re a pastor and missionary doesn’t mean a darn thing about whether or not you’re actually trying to follow Jesus’ desires.  That’s sad.

My pastor in the U.S. said, “A non-Christian tries to get away with sin; a Christian tries to get away from sin.” Romania (shoot, the rest of the world, too) needs to be reminded of this.



2 responses to “Please, please, don’t abort the baby

  1. This is very interesting. I thought that the United States was the worst place on the planet for killing pre-born babies, but it looks like there are some countries that are worse.

    A week or so ago, I was watching the History Channel. There was a program about Vlad Dracula–he was a very cruel leader in Romania who tortured and killed many people. That same spirit of death must be prevalent over Romania, but that Satanic stronghold can be broken through prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost.

    • Although the people of Romania are in general much more peaceful than Americans, Romania definitely has a history of killing their own people. Besides abortion and Vlad Tepes, they had the most oppressive communist government in Eastern Europe and the most violent of the revolutions. A friend here was also telling me about the pre-Christian religion of the Dacian people, whose practices included human sacrifice. John 10:10 certainly comes to mind – “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life in abundance.” Like you said, regardless of whatever the ruling demonic spirits might like to think, their power isn’t a match for that of the Holy Spirit. We serve a big God. 🙂

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