An Evangelism Adventure

So, I promised you an update on our times of evangelism from last weekend. Let me start by saying I love doing evangelism with people who aren’t afraid to take risks for God and who believe he’s ready to show up. It’s seriously the most exciting adventure ever.

So, besides handing out hundreds of tracts, here are some of the highlights…

Friday, we handed out tracts in the subway until the guards found out and told us to stop. Meanwhile, nearly everyone on the subway was reading what Jesus has done in our lives. And, best news of all, one of the men who received a tract called me saying he read it, believed it, and wanted to learn more. When we later met for coffee, I discovered he was a 7-year theology student training to be an Orthodox priest. Eugen is hungry to know the Lord, so pray for the work God is doing in him to come to fruition.

On our way to the student dorms, we ran into a group of high school students. We started giving them copies of our testimony tracts and then stuck around to speak with them. Most spoke English really well. Jacob and I ended up praying with two of the students, and God gave us some prophetic words for them. As I shared with one, he began to say, “Nu cred, nu cred! I can’t believe this!” The word I shared ended up being right-on! Seeing his response opened up the others, and we ended up sharing the heart of God for around 15 minutes with the group. The best part is that later, we got a call wondering if we could get together for coffee and to talk more. Praise God! Pray for the work God did here to come to completion.

In the fall, during our week of prayer for the universities, we learned about the student housing and the terrible need for witnesses there. God began to grow a burden in our hearts to get into this unreached population. Well, thank God he opened a door for us, literally! In the dorms, we spoke with a number of young men and women. The hot topic for the day was PORNOGRAPHY. Pray for the seeds that were planted to bear fruit. Also pray for God to give us a plan for how to continue working in the dorms.

Saturday, when we met together to do some evangelism, God was speaking one word to us: healing. And, wow, it turned out to be quite a wonderful day for this particular work! My favorite story is the homeless guy who wouldn’t let us pray for him. When we saw him, he was limping towards a garbage can through which he promptly began to dig for food. Seeing the pronounced limp, we approached and asked if we could pray. He declined, and due to the language and cultural barrier, we chose not to press the issue. As he walked away, though, we quickly formed a circle and began to pray for him. We watched as his limp disappeared before our eyes! I love it!

As we walked by a woman selling things on the street, Jacob felt a burning sensation in his arm, and he said, “That woman, there. We need to pray for her arm. She needs healing in her arm.” So we turned to her and, in broken Romanian, asked if she had any pain in her body. She immediately pointed to her arm and demonstrated how she was unable to move it without pain. We told her what Jacob had heard, and she was more than open to receive prayer. After praying the first time, she told us her arm was “aşa şi aşa, so-so.” We prayed again. This time, she said there was no more pain, and she could move it freely! Praise God! We left her with a healed arm and a tract explaining the gospel more clearly. Pray for her heart to be drawn to the Healer of her soul, Jesus.

So, it was quite an exciting weekend, and we’re all looking forward to seeing what fruit will come of it long-term. Pray with us for a great harvest!

Matthew 5:16 – “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Oh, Lord, let us shine for you!

5 responses to “An Evangelism Adventure

  1. Awesome stuff, Ben! Thanks so much for sharing! I love hearing the testimonies of how God is opening doors for you guys as you are faithful to take risks for Him! Praise God 🙂

  2. Have you ever heard of the Romanian prophet Dimitru Duduman? The Lord had him come to the United States to warn America of sin back in the 1980s. I think he died in 1997.

    Dimitru Duduman

  3. You gotha post more of this tesimonies! It gives joy reading this, praise God! Thanks you for your willing heart to serve the Lord!

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