Thursday Nights in Our Living Room

I’d been thinking about giving an update on our Thursday night church meeting, but why write my own when I can “steal” my brother’s? Besides, he said it better than I would, anyhow.

It Doesn't Matter Where


Thursday nights, we invite English speakers to our home for worship, prayer, and Bible teaching.  It’s one of the meetings I’m most excited about, but it’s also been the slowest to get going.

Why am I most excited about this meeting?  Well, honestly, I’ve got a lot of selfish reasons – I get to speak in my native language, without a translator, and worship God in English, using songs that I like, with people who speak and understand the language really well.  Plus, I get really ministered to during the meetings, no matter how many other people show up.  The presence of God has been really strong at our little meetings, so I always leave encouraged and strengthened.

But beyond the selfish reasons, having a meeting in English should, by nature, draw young people who have a desire to change the world.  From what we’ve learned about Romania, if you…

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3 responses to “Thursday Nights in Our Living Room

  1. ​Hi ,
    First I came across your brother’s blog some time ago, then yours, then his again. So am I asking the same question I asked him earlier today (just realized they stopped posting in November): are your Thursday meetings still on in 2014? And “open to public”? 🙂 Thanks, ​and bless you!

    • Hi, Laura,
      In case Jake hasn’t replied yet… In July, we began to rent meeting space at Casa de Cultura (near the Eroilor subway station) and moved to a Sunday 6pm service. You’re certainly welcome to come visit us then if you like. At this time, most of our midweek activity is spent in outreach to the community, so we don’t have a midweek church service yet. But we’re looking at getting a prayer/worship night going on maybe Monday or Wednesday evening, also at Eroilor.

  2. Great! Thanks a lot for replying, Ben, and looking forward to visiting you, guys 🙂

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