Pray for Alesia

I hate cancer. My friend and spiritual father Royce died from cancer; whenever I hear jazz, see a Cracker Barrel, or pass by a KOA, I think of Royce and miss him. Ron, too, died of cancer; I knew his grandkids better than I knew him, but any guy who pulls my car out of a ditch gets kudos from me. My uncle David died of cancer at 54. While I was a youth pastor in Spring Green, “Aunt” Lea and Mark Koller also passed away from cancer; Aunt Lea had lived a long and full life, but Mark was only 51.

And then there are all the survivors, the friends who have lived with and overcome cancer. These are, sadly, fewer on my list.

Today, a friend working with Campus Crusade called Jake and I.  His friend Remus was in the hospital watching his three-year-old daughter die from a tumor in her brain.  Would we visit them and pray for her healing?

Of course.

Please pray along with us for Alesia to be healed.  She’s been in the hospital for three months now, has had four operations on her brain, and the tumor has only been getting worse.  She suffers from spasms, and can hardly respond anymore.  It’s heartbreaking to see.

Pray also for her family.  Her parents (Remus and Manuela) and older sister (Daniela Rebeca) are confused, angry, worn out, and at the end of their strength. They want to have faith, to believe, but… the waiting and hoping without change has taken its toll.

I think the story of Lazarus from John 11.  I think of the miracle Jesus performed, and of how he is still able to not only heal but even raise the dead today.  It reminds me of all the times I’ve seen God heal, from blind eyes to winter colds and allergies.

But what most stands out to me now is verse 35, the shortest in the Bible:  “Jesus wept.”

Oh, how powerful is that statement.  Jesus–God incarnate, he who relishes in doing the impossible, Creator and Sustainer, victor over death–weeps.  He stoops down to Mary’s level, suffers with her, experiences her pain, her anger, her uncertainty.  He knows the miracle to come, and yet he chooses to take part in the pain in the present.

Oh, he is close to us in our difficulties, in our uncertainties, in our lack of faith, in our hopelessness.  He is close to us.  And he is so good to us–and, oh, so faithful!–even when we are faithless.

Pray for the presence of Jesus to be with the family as they walk this difficult path.  Pray also for Alesia’s complete healing and restoration, that there would be no side-affects whatsoever.

2 responses to “Pray for Alesia

  1. I’ve got an encouraging update on Alesia. Today, we heard from her dad that, though not fully healed, she’s doing much better. She’s been much more alert and is often opening her eyes and moving on her own. (When we had visited her earlier in the week, she was basically unresponsive.) She’s even been crying, which is a good sign because it means she’s aware of what’s going on. She’s going in for another surgery today, so pray for God to guide the doctors as they work. God is good!

  2. Another quick update: Alesia is now able to eat food without throwing it up. Keep praying for a full healing, but this is awesome! Thank you, Lord!

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