Prayer Letter – July 2013


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2 responses to “Prayer Letter – July 2013

  1. Wow, what a year it’s been watching you grow there and all the interesting and unique, ahem, events you’ve experienced. Wanted to let you know that our year of walking and waiting, waiting, waiting……is coming to fruition also. We’re working toward closing on a farm outside Viola/LaFarge. What an interesting ministry, it seems, is unfolding in that area of needy farmers and Earthday peoples.

    Love ya Bro and I’ll let ya know if, what and where the music ministry goes 🙂

    • Being in a city of 2 million for over a year now, that farm sounds really inviting. 🙂 You’d better hurry up and close on it so you can invite me over when I’m back in the U.S. (hint hint) Seriously, though, if it works out, I’d love to get together with you and the rest of the Isaiah 42:10 gang while I’m back this August. Knowing everyone’s crazy schedules, though, that may take a miracle.

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