Are Mormons Christians?

A couple days ago, I was sitting in the car at the Arboretum in Madison, WI, preparing for my talk at the Spring Green Community Church about  our ministry in Romania.  In the midst of my work, two smiling people approached me.  It was only after they were close that I noticed the name tags that clearly identified them as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

Well, I never like to miss an opportunity to share the gospel, and I figure it’s better for me to keep a Mormon missionary occupied than to let him talk to others, people who might be persuaded to believe him.  Plus, I have always enjoyed conversations about religion, even when I was an atheist.  So, naturally, I decided my preparations for  Sunday could wait.

While the conversation was friendly and insightful, I left frustrated.  It seems the LDS have changed tactics in recent years (or maybe I’m just now noticing the strategy).  Rather than trying to convert people to their beliefs, they now seem to focus solely on trying to convince people that “we believe the same things you believe so you might as well join us.”

But, be warned!  While they use the same words as we do (God, Jesus Christ, grace, faith, salvation…), Mormons do not understand them the same way the Bible and orthodox Christianity does.  Sadly, this deceptiveness has led many people to underestimate the danger of the LDS as well as the spiritual plight of its members starved of the gospel.

The following video goes over some of the differences between the teachings of Christianity and of Mormonism.  Plus, you’ll get tips from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (of The Way of the Master) on how to effectively witness to Mormons.  It’s almost an hour long but the insights it gives definitely make it worth the watch.

If you want to learn more about the LDS and have the Logos Bible study software, head on over to their website to put in your support for the Mormon Studies Collection.  It’s a massive collection of books considered authoritative by the LDS and will give Christians all they need to understand this religion and how best to reach those deceived.  Unfortunately, it’s not yet available on Logos since it hasn’t had enough community support yet.  (But you can change that!)

Also, check out Alpha and Omega Ministries, where you can find all sorts of articles (link is for the old site as they were updating when I wrote this article) about Mormons, what they believe and how best to help them understand Jesus’ claims.  And, lastly, here is a link to a real quick and clear article about what Mormons believe, with lots of quotations from source texts.

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