And the word of the day is… Persevere

You might be surprised to hear “persevere” never showed up as the secret word in any of Pee-Wee’s shows.

It has certainly been the “word of the day” lately for us, though.  In fact, just this weekend, three unconnected people all shared that exact same message with me.

1.  On Saturday, I went to my friend Adi’s wedding.  There, Sorin sat down, and he said, “You know, I have a story for you.”  He then began to tell me about a work Brad Hayes (who founded and works with Outstretched Hands of Romania, a ministry in the nearby town of Călăraşi) was leading.  “They had a small children’s meeting,” Sorin continued.  “They did little things, like teaching the kids to brush their teeth, obey their parents, and about Jesus.  One kid was very naughty, but he kept coming to the meetings.  He was there for three years, but he never wanted to go to church or pray or become a Christian.  But he was there at every meeting for three years.  One day, a bad flood came to the village, though it was far from any rivers, and many houses were in danger.  The people started turning to God.”  Sorin went on to tell me how after the flood, the boy and his family all became Christians, and they’ve been steadily growing since then.  “But he was faithful for three years even though that boy never got any better.  And then God blessed him.”

2.  The next morning, I checked my Facebook and saw a message from one of my supporters.  Leah had read the latest prophetic message on The Elijah List and felt it was a word for our ministry in Romania, so she passed it along to me.  The basic message was about those who have been faithful in the small things, that God was going to increase their circle of influence because they were faithful even when seeing no fruit.  It’s the same exact message Sorin had shared with me!

3.  And then, after a very small (and discouraging) church service, I checked Facebook again.  (Believe me, there are many days when I wish I didn’t have access to this site.  But… it’s so great for keeping in touch with people.)  There, I saw a message from Laurie Yanske, the mother of two of my favorite Campus Life kids, Rachel and Jesse.  Laurie never sends me messages, and we probably haven’t had a full conversation in five years, so I was completely surprised to see her message there.  Anyhow, her message was real simple, “How much longer will you be able to stay?”  I responded, “In Romania?  Up to 3 and a half years, more if I renew my visa.”  She replied, “Cool!  It’s just an assumption, but I don’t believe your work is done yet.”  Persevere.  Keep at it.  You’re work isn’t done yet.  It’s the same exact message.

I love getting a clear prophetic message, but the word “persevere” isn’t really one that brings a lot of applause with it.  Usually, it means things are going to be tough.  And, well, they have been.

Still, God’s in it with us.

And so that’s what we’re gonna do:  be faithful, persevere.  We’re going to keep on moving forward, sharing the gospel, teaching people about Jesus, and trusting God knows what he’s doing even when we don’t.

We’re going to persevere.


5 responses to “And the word of the day is… Persevere

  1. Great post, and I needed to hear the word as well. Thank you!

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

  2. This is great! Perseverance is so important in our walk with Christ. We need too press forward into what He calls us to do no matter how many setbacks come our way.

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