Numai Prin Harul Tau – Sunny Tranca

As soon as I heard Sunny Tranca’s music, my heart went, “Oh, yeah!  This is worship!”  In Bucharest, it’s been hard to find good worship, free, expressive, heartfelt, passionate, clap-able and dance-able.  The best we’ve found has been at Raul Vietii–who always seem to stop right when they get *almost* to the point of a real, free heart connection to God during worship–and Elim.  And, of course, Piatra Vie!  (No bias here.  😀 )  (And, actually, we’re a long ways from where we want to be…  God, send us worshipers and musicians!)

I had begun to think Romanians just don’t understand what it means to worship passionately and freely.

And then I heard Sunny Tranca from Biserica Filadelfia.  Oh, man!  I love it.  Passionate, expressive, heart-felt, deep, full of joy, and able to be danced to…  It’s some good stuff!  More than giving a great musical performance, he seems to really understand the power of worship to connect people to God.  (FYI, Sorin Nicolae and Alexandra Luca have some great stuff, too, and seem to get that worship is more than a performance.)  (By the way, if you’re reading this and you live in Romania, make sure to check out the conference coming up next week “Inchinarea care schimba Romania“.  It’s looking to be a great time of worship and experiencing the presence of God.)

It gives me hope that we can teach Bucharest how to worship, not just how to sing or how to perform.

For those who may be interested, below are the words (in Romanian) and chords.  I’ll give you the translation at the end in case you want to try this one in English.

    Em                                       C                    G-D
Păcatul am lăsat în urma mea, sunt pe-o nouă cale
 Em                                         C                 G-D
Ura a părăsit inima mea, când am primit iertare
 Am                               Em       C                  G-D
Frica a fugit când dragostea, Tu ai turnat în mine
 Am                                     C                B7
Eu sunt liber să te pot urma şi să fiu ca Tine

  C                                G
Numai prin Harul Tău, numai prin harul Tău
   D                            Em
Doar prin el sunt mântuit
  C                                G
Numai prin Harul Tău, numai prin harul Tău
  D                      Em
Sunt de toate izbăvit
  C                                G
Numai prin Harul Tău, numai prin harul Tău
    D                           Em
Toate cele vechi s-au dus
  C                                G
Numai prin Harul Tău, numai prin harul Tău
  D                              Em
Sunt un om nou în Cristos

Pofta a plecat când am primit, adevăru-n mine
Lumina Ta, Isus, a risipit, negura din mine
Duhul de orfan m-a părăsit, când am venit la Tine
Am fost înfiat prin Duhul Tău, trăiesc pentru Tine

And the translation into English:

I left sin behind me, I’m on a new way
Hate abandoned my heart when I received forgiveness
Fear fled when You poured love into me
I am free so I can follow You and so I can be like You

Only by Your grace, only by Your grace
Only through it am I saved
Only by Your grace, only by Your grace
I am rescued from everything
Only by Your grace, only by Your grace
All that is old has gone
Only by Your grace, only by Your grace
I am a new man in Christ

Lust left when I received the truth in me
Your light, Jesus, scattered the darkness in me
The spirit of an orphan left me when I came to You
I have been adopted by Your Spirit, I live for You

2 responses to “Numai Prin Harul Tau – Sunny Tranca

  1. Ben, those are some great thoughts. I found this article on Filadelfia’s Facebook page. I live in Bucharest for 4 years by now and I subscribe to those said by you. I have the same issue with the churches from Bucharest. Of course, in Transylvania and western parts of the country we can find some good and authentic worship, but we need that here. There are less Evangelical Christians in Bucharest than in a county with 5 times less population from that area. The reasons may be multiple and I don’t know how much matter, but I know for sure that the words written by you above resemble the heart of people from Bucharest who are eager for revival.

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