Wheat Paste… Mmm Mmm Good!

Yesterday, we picked up a massive order of posters from FastPrinting–which, if you’re in Bucharest, is a great resource for truly fast printing, by the way.  Having already spent a fortune on tape to put up other posters, Jessie thankfully found an awesome alternative:  wheatpaste!

It’s sticky, cheap, and (best of all) TASTY!

Tomorrow’s the big test, though.  We’ll be heading around by Politehnica University to put up the posters.  With the rainy weather, we’ll really get to find out if wheatpaste is all it’s cracked up to be.

On the plus side, if the paste doesn’t work, we can always just eat it.

Anyhow, if you wanna make your own cheap and edible glue, you can find instructions for wheatpaste here at destructables.org.  Have fun!  And bon appetit!

(P.S. Make sure to add the cool flower/water mixture slowly to the hot water or it’ll end up really chunky like mine.)


One response to “Wheat Paste… Mmm Mmm Good!

  1. Just a bit of a follow-up here. So, it seems like the wheat paste is working pretty well. It’s definitely sticky, though I ended up adding a bit of white school glue ’cause I wasn’t sure at first how it would hold up. We did have to add quite a bit more water at the end of the day because things were too thick and chunky and only got more so as the postering went on.

    Before I had reached the campus, another group had gone around putting tons of posters all over, really nice bright red posters, great quality and super eye-catching. They were advertising webcam jobs for girls (sadly, one of only a few well-paying part-time jobs available to college students in Bucharest) and showed a large picture of a nearly naked woman. While I find the subject matter not only distasteful but also damaging to both young men and young women, I smiled about how this would end up giving some free attention to our own posters. Everywhere I found a poster for the webcams, I slapped up one of our own right next to it. Our posters read “You can be free.” It’s a perfect set-up: while Satan attracts and tries to bind them through the eye-catching image of the naked woman, the Holy Spirit will convict them of the reality of freedom in Jesus. 🙂

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