My new home


Say “hello” to my new home, the pink one on the right.  Despite being pink (inside and out) and small (every time I bump my head on the hanging light, I think of J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous beginning to “The Hobbit”:  “In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.”), it’s actually a nice place to live.

It’s definitely a small place, just a bedroom/living room, a very small kitchen, and a bathroom.  There’s an old ceramic furnace that burns wood for heat; it’s called a soba in case you were curious.  There’s no internet access but what I can manage to get on my phone.  There’s no dishwasher, but I haven’t used one of those since cooking for Campus Life kids in my house two years ago.  There’s no oven, but I do have a double-burner electric stove thing that works great for what I need.  There’s no fridge, but I’ve been discovering just how little I need one.  There’s no washing machine or dryer, but my neighbors have kindly offered to let me use their washing machine, and three laundry lines in front of the house get my clothes dry enough.  It does have electricity, though, and plenty of hot water.  And a few cockroaches I can’t seem to get rid of completely…  😦

Anyhow, it’s been a busy, hectic, crazy couple of weeks!  Besides our regular ministry work, I’ve been cleaning and scrubbing everything (believe me, when I moved in, it was a mess!), repairing furniture (from painting an old shelf to fixing doors, drawers, windows, and light fixtures), killing uninvited guests (cockroaches and spiders and a mosquito or two are the usual culprits), and trying to make my little place more inviting.

Well, I know it’s not the most exciting blog post, but I figured I should post something so you know I’m not dead.  lol

Anyhow, I’m definitely looking forward to getting settled in and back to a normal routine.  Pray for my new place to be useful for ministering to my neighbors, a source of hope, joy, peace, love, and the presence of Jesus.

I’ll try to give another update soon with some of the exciting things we’ve been seeing God do around the city and in our small fellowship.  But… without regular internet access, you’ll have to be patient.  🙂

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