Back from the Dead!

I say it with awe:  Vasilica is a woman of prayer.

A few months ago, her oldest son Alberto was diagnosed with HIV infection, contracted as a result of his heroin addiction.  A couple weeks ago, his health had so badly deteriorated that he was taken to the ER where he remained in critical condition.

But his mom began to pray.

At one point, doctors were telling her that Alberto was dying and there was nothing they could do, that she had best prepare for his passing.  She pointed to heaven and told them, “God says when Alberto lives or dies, not you.”

And she prayed.

That day, God showed her a vision of Alberto rising up out of the hospital bed, healthy again.  So she told the doctors, “My son will live.”

Later, as her son’s condition worsened and the doctors’ predictions grew more dismal, she began to fast.

“I was at the hospital night and day praying for four days.  I didn’t sleep.  I didn’t eat.  I didn’t drink any water.  And all the doctors asked me, ‘Don’t you feel pain?’  But I told them, ‘No, God is my strength.'”

With tears in her eyes, Vasilica prayed.

Then, she heard a voice behind her ask loudly, “Why are you crying?”  “Because my son is sick and dying,” she responded.  “He will live,” the voice said authoritatively.  “Stop crying.”

And so she stopped.  And she prayed.

And today, three weeks after the ordeal first began, we finally got to see Alberto for ourselves.  (I have to admit that I was far too surprised for someone who believes in miracles to comfortably admit.  I honestly was expecting and preparing to have to counsel and comfort Vasilica through the burial of her son.) His cheekbones still show.  He’s still struggling with an addiction to heroin.  But he’s walking, talking, ALIVE again.

After Alberto walked out of the hospital room, Vasilica told us how one of the doctors approached her and in awe said, “Woman, please, you have to pray for my little girl.”

He had seen the power of God.

So praise God, Alberto lives again!  Pray for the bonds of addiction to be broken over his heart.  Pray for him to encounter the living Jesus, the One who changes lives with a touch.

And do not ever doubt the power of a praying mom.

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