Censorship… It has its benefits

One of the local sex shops (and there are many) periodically plasters the city with its posters, most of which feature scantily-clad or nude women.  The posters could be worse, but they’re certainly not what I want visitors to Bucharest, little children, or young men such as myself to be bombarded with while walking along the streets.

The posters are pasted illegally.  When the posterers (is that even a word?) get caught, they’re always fined.  The sex shop always pays the fine, and then they go right back to breaking the law with another round of posters.

While I’m all for freedom of the press, there are times when censorship has its benefits.  I just really don’t think it’s healthy for anything and everything to be out on the streets.

Most people here simply tolerate the posters, though they’ll complain about Bucharest’s reputation as a hot spot for the sex industry, the dfficulties of sexual temptation and addiction, and the ever-present reality of the sexual exploitation of women.

I have one friend who tears the posters down whenever he sees them.  I like that.  He’s taking Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:19 to “disciple the nations” seriously.

One thing we’ve started doing is bringing out our own posters every time we see the sex shops have been out again.  Sometimes we’ll print scriptures (like Matthew 5:28, lust = adultery) to put right next to the posters with the girls.  Sometimes we’ll just cover them up completely with our posters reading “Poti sa fii liber!  You can be free!”

covering posters (0)

Before… Is this what you really want on every utility pole on your street?

covering posters (1)

After… I for one think “You can be free” is a much better message.


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