Super Tract Man

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADaniel is Super Tract Man.

He loves to share the gospel, and he’s one of the most faithful, dedicated guys I know, especially when it comes to passing out tracts.  Even if he has to go out alone, he heads out at least a few days every week to pass out tracts on the streets of Bucharest.  He’s always smiling, and he seriously is anointed.  While I may get two or three people to take a piece of literature, Daniel will have a dozen.  He loves to stand at the busy subway exits with both hands held out for people to take tracts as they pass by.  It’s awesome!

As you pray for us and the work God is doing through us in Bucharest, pray also for Daniel.  He’s a faithful part of the team, and he needs your support!

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P.S.  Although fruit from tracts has been slim, God has been using them to not only bring the gospel to people but also to bring people to church and to faith in Jesus.  It’s small in comparison to what we want to see, but we’ve had about a dozen people come to church or meet with us for more information simply because of the tracts we’ve passed out.  And we know there are tons more who have been impacted but never told us.


2 responses to “Super Tract Man

  1. Susan Faultersack

    Hey, Daniel, people in America are praying for you!

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