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A Christmas Visit

2014 gypsies xmas 7We used to visit Drumul Taberei every week, but over the last year, we’ve been concentrating more on planting the church and working with English-speakers (whom we can at this point more effectively disciple).  So by the time Christmas came, it had been a number of months since we last visited the families living along Drumul Taberei.

We came this year with some small Christmas gifts for the kids and plenty of love, prayers, and encouragement for everyone.

I think the pictures at the end will do a better job at expressing the feelings all around than I could ever say in words, but let me just give a quick update on some important things to help in your praying.

vasilicaWhen we visited, Vasilica described herself as “all alone now but God does not forsake me.”  Her husband Mircea and daughter Rebeca are in jail now for drug use, but Alberto (read more here) is still free from heroine and Samuel is still HIV-free (read more here).  Carmen is living in Spain with her older sister and doing well there.  Andrei is still as wild as ever but also full of infectious joy.  Join Vasilica in your praying, and ask God to use Mircea’s and Rebeca’s time in jail to bring them to repentance, freedom from drugs, and new life in Jesus.  He can do it!

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Illegals or Refugees…. Jesus Loves Them All

From the time Vlad Ţepeş (the inspiration behind Dracula) held back the invasion of the Turkish empire, Romania has been a gateway into Europe and a center of the Christian-Muslim conflict.  Seven hundred years after Vlad, thousands of men and women still come to this nation attempting to enter Europe, many of them coming from Muslim nations in Africa and Asia.  Some are refugees fleeing war-torn countries, but most are average men and women seeking employment and a better life in Europe, and a few are involved in drug trafficking or other illegal activities.  Although they claim all these and more reasons for making the long trek to Romania, we believe God is in fact the one calling many of them!  Like our friends Emal and Rashid, who came to Romania looking for money in the drug trade but found new life in Jesus, we believe there are many more Muslims ready to discover the forgiveness of God right here in Romania.  This Christmas, we did something special to bring them the good news.

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