A Home for Daniel and Maria

One of our closest friends and fellow laborers we’ve met while here is Daniel. We met him about 2 years ago, when he was a new Christian recently returned from working in Finland. He shared his life story with us, how he had grown up in a bad home, how he became involved with crime, drugs, and prostitution, and how God had rescued him and completely changed him.

After trying but failing to kill himself with a drug overdose, he started reading the Bible and realized that Jesus had died for him and all he needed to do was receive His forgiveness. From that moment, everything began changing. He threw away the drugs, he stopped visiting prostitutes, he stopped lying and cheating, and all he wanted to do was tell everyone about Jesus.

When we met Daniel, he had one of the biggest smiles we’d ever seen, and we became quick friends. Over the past two years, we’ve done everything with Daniel – visited the poor, brought Bibles to hospitals, prayed for the sick, shared the Gospel in parks, ate, traveled, laughed, prayed, watched movies, worshiped God…

Daniel has a heart for Jesus and a love for people, and he’s faithful and passionate in spreading the Gospel in Bucharest.

Months ago, I asked Daniel, “Do you ever think you’ll get married? Don’t you want to have a family?”

“No, brother,” he answered, “I just want to serve God, nothing more.” He explained that he had Hepatitis-C from his past drug use, and that he knew he would probably die from it one day. He didn’t want to involve a family in that.

Well, a couple months later, God sent him a wife, Maria, who loved him even with his illness. Then he joined us as a full-time missionary / evangelist to Romania. Then God miraculously healed him of Hepatitis-C – his doctors say they can’t find any trace of the virus in his system. His whole life is changed now!

Daniel and Maria are in love with each other and happy to be serving God, but they need some help. Maria can’t work because of poor health, and Daniel is supported through donations to our ministry and the odd construction job here and there, so they don’t have enough money to get a place to live.

Since getting married, they’ve been sharing a room at Daniel’s mother’s small home. The room is tiny, barely big enough for one bed. The house has an outdoor kitchen and bathroom, without hot water, and they share the place with 7 other family members. It’s not a good situation, but they’re happy to be together.

Here’s where we need you. We want to help Daniel and Maria get their own home. Daniel owns a small plot of land next to his mother’s house. He estimates that for about $7500, he could build and furnish a small home where he and Maria can start their family.

“This is my dream,” he told me last week, eyes sparkling with hope. “Everyone says I’m crazy, but my dream is that we can build a house here. I can take Maria here and we can start a family.”

Daniel earns about $200 a month, so he probably is crazy, but I wanna help him fulfill this dream. If you can give, even a little, help us make this dream a reality!

(If you’d like to help, you can give here through our CrowdRise site.)

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