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Hi, I’m Ben Stimpson.  Thanks for checking out my blog.

I was born in Green Bay in 1980.  Although I grew up going to church, God was never big on my list of pursuits, and it wasn’t long before I began to believe he was nothing more than something Christians made up.  By the time I graduated high school, I was calling myself an atheist.  (Though, in reality, I was more an agnostic.  I figured, if God was real, then he wasn’t bothering me, and I wouldn’t bother him.)

When I graduated, I was also addicted to pornography, struggling with depression, and deeply bitter towards my dad.  You don’t need to know the details, but when I went to UW-Madison, I was looking forward to three things more than anything else:  (1) never going to church again, (2) never seeing my dad again, and (3) no longer needing to hide my addiction.

Gratefully, Jesus got my attention!

My first week in college, my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in years calls me up.  He asks if I would go with him on Sunday to help him find a church.  I’m still not sure why I told him “yes.”

To make a long story short, it was there at the church service where I suddenly began to question whether I really could say that God was not real.  How did I know this?  Was I willing to risk my eternal state on this conviction?  What if I was wrong?

The answer to the last question scared me.  If I was wrong, then I was screwed.

After about a month of dealing with this nagging fear in my heart, I decided I needed to settle things.  So I sat down with my journal and wrote out an entry explaining why I believed God was not real and why I didn’t have to obey him even if he was real.  Surely that would settle things.


I wrote about four pages, reached the end of my arguments, and the nagging fear was still there.  What if I was wrong?

So I surrendered.  There in room 210 in Witte-A at UW-Madison, I quit running.  And that was the moment when everything changed in my life.

Immediately, a peace settled over my heart like I had never felt before.  The shame and guilt seemed to viscerally lift off my shoulders.  The tension I had known all through my childhood was suddenly gone.  It was all so tangible that I knew something real had happened.

Since that day, Jesus freed me from the porn addiction, healed my relationship with my dad, gave me a love for him like I had never thought possible.  And, best of all, he wiped away my sin and made me acceptable to God.  And, let me tell you, it is so good.

What I had tried to do but could not, Jesus did for me.

I spent the first 6 years of my walk with God reaching out on the UW-Madison campus, doing everything from open-air preaching to running a coffee shop all while taking classes at Solid Rock Ministry Training School and UW-Madison.

I threw myself into learning all I could about Jesus and doing all I could for him.

In 2004, I went on staff with Cornerstone-Madison, a church focused on reaching the campus with the gospel of Jesus.

Shortly thereafter, though, God called me to join Derek Miller in the small town of Spring Green.  In 2005, I began to work there as the youth director at Cornerstone Church of Spring Green.

Although the times of ministry have been powerful here, what God most did through those nearly 8 years was cement my heart in his.  I came here viewing God as my King for whom I would work the rest of my life.  But I leave now viewing him also as my Bridegroom who loves me and whom I love more than anything else.  I learned here the pleasure of long times in the presence of God and the joy of prayer.

Over the last few years, God has been putting in my heart a desire to bring the gospel to the mission field.  In the summer of 2011, he opened a door to work in Romania and made it clear that I was to walk through it.

And that brings me to where I am now, living in a city that’s both very religious and very uninterested in God, reaching out to gypsy families and college students, and really just learning.

Our hope is to see a church established here that’s building into people’s lives, a church that’s seeing people delivered from the darkness of sin and brought into the glorious light of the love and freedom of Jesus, a church that’s not built around four walls but that’s built around people, a church that’s courageous and bold with the gospel but also tender and loving towards the sinner, a church that hungers and thirst after Jesus more than anything else.

But right now, we’re mainly doing a whole lot of learning.

14 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Ben I just came across when I was looking for Melissa Helser lyrics and chords. thanks for sharing your story of how you came back to your heavenly Father. I pray you may experience even more of his love in Romania. Let him fill you up do you can pour it out.

  2. Ben, just came across your blog while looking for lyrics to Kari Jobe’s song, “All He Says I Am.” I read your testimony and the one word that stuck out to me was “surrender.” I think that’s what God is saying to me…I’ve been a believer for quite awhile, but I’ve been telling Him what I’d like to do with my life instead of surrendering to what He has for me. May God continue to use you for His glory in Romania.


    • Thanks, Susanna! Your comment definitely encourages me that God is using the blog. I pray God gives you grace to surrender to his will for you and let him lead your life. From experience, it’s a thing way easier to say than to do, and it’s a struggle that doesn’t necessarily end with one battle. “The problem with a living sacrifice,” I heard a preacher say once in reference to Romans 12:1, “is that it keeps trying to crawl of the altar.”

  3. Hi Ben, you asked on my blog about books by Bill Johnson in romanian. I can give you a link, there are only two books translated in romanian, hope it will help. The link is this http://www.kerigma.ro/copii.php?listautor=Bill%20Johnson

  4. I have just read your story, God is so wonderful, I am glad He send you in Romania, there is so much need here for people who know how to live only for God and have their source in His love. Pray for you!

  5. Hey, Ben: You left a message on my “Author” page asking if I had any electronic versions of my books. I just remembered that my publishing company (PublishAmerica) asked me to delete the link for my book (HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER) to the Internet Archive on my old website (Walls of Jericho). But I am sure that it would be all right if I posted that link here (you can read it for free):


  6. Hey Ben . . .great testimony. I’m glad you are here with us in Romania. Brad Hayes

  7. Hi, wat best places in Romania for finding a wife please?

    • Well, I’m still single, so I’m probably not the best source for an answer there. 🙂 Seriously, though, my advice for finding a wife (in Romania or elsewhere) is really simple: pursue God, live for him, and trust him to lead you and your future spouse together. Matthew 6:33 – “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things [including a wife] will be added to you.” While you’re single, don’t sit around waiting for a wife or chasing after one; instead, pursue God and live for him, then trust he knows what you need and what you want and is strong enough to bring it to pass.

  8. I found your blog while looking up some Sunny Tranca lyrics. Yes–it’s great worship! Your adventures are especially intriguing to me since I spent 6 years in Transylvania doing missions (2003-2009) and love seeing those who are continuing to be a blessing there. May God bless you and continually direct you. To the King! For His Kingdom!

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