Support Financially

Because we are an outreach-focused church-planting movement, most Cornerstone missionaries and staff are financially supported by individuals like yourself who believe in our vision and want to play a part in what God is doing. I would like to invite you to make an investment into the Cornerstone vision through supporting financially.

It’s easy to get involved. Just click ‘donate’ below to make a special gift through PayPal or credit card.

Please consider signing up to become a monthly sponsor. It’s all tax-exempt and will go a long way towards bringing the gospel to those who need it.  You can do this safely by visiting the website of my sending church, Cornerstone Church of Spring Green.

Check out the following infographic for a closer look at how your giving impacts not only my life but many others here in Bucharest.

Thanks so much for sowing into this ministry and helping us to bring the gospel throughout the earth!

Preaching the Gospel, Making Disciples, Raising up Leaders, and Establishing Churches Until the Whole Earth is Filled with the Glory of the Lord!

One response to “Support Financially

  1. Hi Ben! My name is Catherine Lee. I am arriving in Bucharest next Thursday night. I am staying for about a month. I’d love to meet with you and learn about your experience with the gypsies. I have started my own project and paper. My ultimate goal is to learn what I can from the gypsies, Jews, and African Americans and apply my research to gain favor in Hawaii to change certain laws for our homeless people there. My blog with my rambling notes can be seen at I hope to hear back from you! my email is

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