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An Evening with Gypsies

Bucureşti is strange. On one street, things can look just like Madison or Milwaukee. Then you go over one street, and there’s a Rrom family living in a house that seems to have been dropped in from Haiti.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a wonderful time with a couple Rrom families living just 10 minutes from us.  They’re mostly Christians, love their kids, and have fairly strong families.  We met with them for a couple hours for a short Bible study.  We had a wonderful evening.

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Evangelism recap

Jake and I headed out with Adi (short for Adrian) for a couple hours of evangelism  this afternoon.  We had a great time, and found many, many young people open to the gospel.  Although only time will tell how much was genuine interest and how much was simply politeness, we were all happy and encouraged when the day ended.

We had a lot of really great conversations, especially with the college students.  Many were very open to talk about their questions about the church, and their disillusionment with religion in general as well as to hear our stories of faith.  It seemed the older generation was almost all dead-set Orthodox but open to talking while the younger generation was largely agnostic or questioning.

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A ride in a police car and an afternoon in a Bucharest jail… sort of

Well, I did end up in the back of a Romanian police car today, and I also spent some time in a Bucharest jail.  But it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

I was spending the day at Harastrau Park, a giant park with a lake, flowers, and homeless guys who like to steal cameras.

I wish I could say Bucuresti is just plain evil and that the stolen camera is an example of this, but really I can only say that I’m just plain stupid.

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