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Are Mormons Christians?

A couple days ago, I was sitting in the car at the Arboretum in Madison, WI, preparing for my talk at the Spring Green Community Church about  our ministry in Romania.  In the midst of my work, two smiling people approached me.  It was only after they were close that I noticed the name tags that clearly identified them as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

Well, I never like to miss an opportunity to share the gospel, and I figure it’s better for me to keep a Mormon missionary occupied than to let him talk to others, people who might be persuaded to believe him.  Plus, I have always enjoyed conversations about religion, even when I was an atheist.  So, naturally, I decided my preparations for  Sunday could wait.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses

Probably not the most appropriate picture, but it’s darn funny if you ask me. 🙂

So, today we headed to Ferentari once again to do some street evangelism.  Although we spent about 3 hours out there, we only ended up talking to 5 different people.

The first was an older woman who was taking care of her young grandchildren.  She told us how their parents were in jail or just plain gone.  Although we shared the gospel with her, I think the biggest thing was simply sitting with her, hearing her story, and praying God’s blessing over her household.

The second group were two men outside a little corner store smoking cigarettes and drinking beers.  We hadn’t even planned to talk with them, but they up and asked us, “What are you doing here?”  So we told them how we were out there talking with people about Jesus.  Although one of the men seemed unconcerned about spiritual things, the other (Ioan) seemed to share some concern.  He was especially receptive after we shared what we sensed was a word for him from God.  He knew he was running from God and needed to wake up to him; pray that he would do so.

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