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“Ileana,” she said after a pause


It was late at night after the Good Friday service.  I had planned to stay through to the midnight candle-lighting, but I kept falling asleep so decided to head home early.

When I saw her standing along the busy street, I immediately started going over Romanian phrases in my head.  “Isus te iubeşte, Jesus loves you” and “Nu e viaţa, this isn’t life” were the two that seemed easiest and most intelligible.  But then selfishness crept in, so I decided to lower my head and just hurry past without making eye contact.

As I approached, though, her need for money made my selfish attempt to ignore her fall on its face.  She stepped right in front of me and blocked my path.

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Binecuvântata Fii Închisoare

As part of my Romanian language studies, I like to watch Romanian movies.  Ideally, I would watch each movie three times, once without subtitles, a second time with them, and a third time without them.  That usually doesn’t work because either I don’t have enough time or the movie doesn’t have subtitles in English.

Although it sounds like just having fun, it really does teach me the language.  I learn when to use what phrases.  I learn new vocabulary.  I learn how to pronounce words.  I learn about the culture and mannerisms.  A translator we had to hire once said she honestly thinks watching TV is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language.  And nearly everyone I know tells me they learned English by watching cartoons.  So there’s my argument:  seriously, I’m studying.

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