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What’s on my playlist?

Okay, so the title for this post is a little misleading.  I’m not actually going to tell you what’s on my playlist, other than saying I really can’t get enough of everything from Luciano Pavarotti‘s operatic awesomeness to Parov Stelar‘s crazy electroswing (samples), from Wavedude and Josiah Kramer‘s explorations into worship dubstep that I know are gonna blast church sanctuaries one day to the haunting and exotic sound of the Alash Ensemble, from The Tallest Man on Earth and Doug Burr‘s down-to-earth folk that speaks straight to my heart to the music of Tommy Emmanuel, who can somehow do on a guitar things no man with only ten fingers should be able to do.  (Hmmm… I feel kinda guilty that no Hillsong, Jesus Culture, or IHOP musicians appeared on that quick list… but… sucks to be them.)

But I’m not gonna talk about that.

I want to share some of the places I go to for great messages of biblical truth that will strengthen you, challenge you, and confront the laziness, timidity, faithlessness, and selfishness in you.  In no particular order, I offer you my top ten places for preaching that’ll strengthen your inner man (Ephesians 3:16), in both Romanian and English.

cstone milw1) Cornerstone Church Milwaukee (English) – Michael Fisher, the leader of Cornerstone Churches International and a man who has imparted much into my own life, is currently pastoring our local congregation of young radicals at UW Milwaukee along with a team of Jesus-loving world-changers.  Anything from this group is sure to challenge you to live with boldness, walking in the power and freedom of the gospel.  Michael’s got an anointing to raise up and send forth leaders who will change the world for the glory of Jesus, so get ready for some Holy Spirit impartation.  You can check out the latest sermons at their podcast, or you can do what I do, and dig through all the old messages here.  Currently, I’m working through Michael Fisher’s “Our Genetic Code” series.  It’s awesome!

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Prayer Letter – December 2013


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Teaching English

I got a chance today to work at Genesis Collegiate teaching English to elementary school students at their English Camp.  It reminded me of everything I enjoyed about substitute teaching, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting to go again tomorrow.

My friend Rob hooked me up with the job.  Rob moved out here from California a year or two ago after he met and married Camelia, a native-born Romanian.  Rob and Camelia are awesome, and I’m definitely glad I got to meet them.  Anyhow, Rob used to be a hotel manager, but he found his calling when he ended up teaching English to elementary school students in Romania.  Whodathunkit?

I’m considering maybe getting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification.  Here in Romania, there’s some need for English teachers, but worldwide there’s a very high demand right now.  It could get me some money, but (more importantly) it can be a great open-door for ministry and for service.

But my days are already packed as it is, so I don’t know…  Just one more thing to be praying about, I guess.