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My Grandpa Jack: March 31, 1929 to May 4, 2013

Everybody has a grandpa, but there’s no one like my Grandpa Jack.

GrandpaJack  My grandpa never won a Nobel Prize or wrote a novel, but he taught me how to paddle a canoe and how to row a boat.  Grandpa showed me how to dig up the big nightcrawlers in the wet leaves at the cottage, how to get the worm on the hook and the hook on the line.  He taught me how to cast it on the mucky side of the dock where the fish were and how to move the worm to fool the fish.  I still remember the first bluegill I ever caught; I was with Grandpa at the cottage.  And I remember perfectly the lures I proudly purchased after that trip; they were big and purple, and I was sure I’d catch a thousand bluegills with them.  Of course, no bluegill on the planet would’ve been able to get his mouth around them, so I went right back to the nightcrawlers under the leaves.  My giant lures weren’t a match for Grandpa’s wisdom.

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