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A Home for Daniel and Maria

One of our closest friends and fellow laborers we’ve met while here is Daniel. We met him about 2 years ago, when he was a new Christian recently returned from working in Finland. He shared his life story with us, how he had grown up in a bad home, how he became involved with crime, drugs, and prostitution, and how God had rescued him and completely changed him.

After trying but failing to kill himself with a drug overdose, he started reading the Bible and realized that Jesus had died for him and all he needed to do was receive His forgiveness. From that moment, everything began changing. He threw away the drugs, he stopped visiting prostitutes, he stopped lying and cheating, and all he wanted to do was tell everyone about Jesus.

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Just Try Not To Be Inspired

I had planned to give an update from our *awesome* day of evangelism (including video thanks to our friend Jacob‘s spy camera), but then I got home and checked out wimp.com… and saw this video… and, well, you’ll see why I can’t do an update tonight.  So enjoy this video… and just try not to be inspired.

For more true stories that’ll make you cry at the generosity of God working through people and inspire you to also live generously, check out the youtube channel and website.