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Just Another Crazy Monday Night

Since I know you want to hear them, here are the rejected titles for this post:  Lost in Translation, Testify Sistah!, a Mormonic Conversation, and a New Wife for Jason.  Yeah, it was an eventful night, mostly encouraging but also difficult.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about the discouraging aspects of the night, but I think it’s good to let you know that ministry here in Bucuresti is not all a bunch of successes.  So, before I get to the awesome stuff, here’s the list of what discourages me:  we lost our translator somehow, we arrived an hour late, most of our regular families were gone tonight, worship seemed heartless and dull, the praying was similarly just as lifeless, a couple of the kids at the meeting were going crazy, Lali stumbled into the meeting drunk, I couldn’t seem to say a word in Romanian.  So, there it is, all the discouraging aspects of the evening.

Now, for the stuff I like.

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Mircea and Vasilica

Yesterday, Jason and I had a really cool time visiting some gypsy communities here in Bucuresti.

We started the evening off by stopping in to check on the families living along the railroad tracks between the Cora and Plaza Romania.  When we got there, we discovered nearly everyone gone.  The only remaining family was a young woman with her five kids in their lean-to.  She informed us that the police had come by recently to destroy the makeshift homes and kick everyone out.  For some reason, they had left her and the five kids, though they had taken everything of value, which meant the boards in their home and the plastic bottles she had been collecting for money.

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