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Sharing the gospel, fighting cockroaches, and surviving without Facebook

The last few days have been interesting here in Bucureşti.  It started with losing our internet connection, then a massive influx of cockroaches, and then lots of days out on the streets sharing the gospel with Jake Martin.

I’ve known Jake for about two or three years, and he’s definitely an awesome man of God. In the states, he was nicknamed “The Evangelism Machine” or simply “The Evangelist” for obvious reasons. Due to a funny mistranslation fo the nickname, we started calling him the “Evangecar” or “Evangemobile” during his two weeks with us.

We decided to put our language-learning on hold and go hardcore with evangelism while Jake Martin was with us. We spent almost every afternoon out on the streets. We passed out tons of tracts, spoke to dozens of people, and watched God at work outside the church buildings. Man, it’s been an exhausting and exhilerating week, and we’ve got Jake for another seven days! Praise God!

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