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“Hey, I got some bad news, guys…”

And that’s when we realized that our plans for having a big Christmas celebration with the gypsy families along Mihai Bravu would probably not go as we had been expecting.

Jason went on to explain what he had heard:  Matei had gotten drunk and stabbed Geta, his wife; now, she was in the hospital and he was in jail.

Matei (the “young man” that I mention here) became a Christian just about two months ago.  He had heard the gospel one Monday night, knew he needed it but didn’t want to surrender, and then spent a week feeling guiltier than ever.  The next week, he was desperate to make things right.  Since then, he’d been faithfully attending the meetings, asking questions, and growing in his faith.  Just last week, he was looking forward to getting baptized.  Of all the men who come on Monday nights, Matei was growing the most in his walk with God.

So to hear that he’d gotten drunk and stabbed his wife was, well, difficult to take in…  And still is.

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A ride in a police car and an afternoon in a Bucharest jail… sort of

Well, I did end up in the back of a Romanian police car today, and I also spent some time in a Bucharest jail.  But it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

I was spending the day at Harastrau Park, a giant park with a lake, flowers, and homeless guys who like to steal cameras.

I wish I could say Bucuresti is just plain evil and that the stolen camera is an example of this, but really I can only say that I’m just plain stupid.

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